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Purchase & Reward Instruction  
1. Is it secure buying Calling card at Callasia123.com?
Yes. All of our member's personal information is stored safely behind our firewall. All online transactions are handled with the highest level of security. We incorporate Security Socket Layer (SSL) into our website and employ the latest encryption technology to prevent our members information from being intercepted. This security ensures that your credit card information is kept confidential and your transaction details remain secure.

2. What is a Member Account?
Member Account is a profile of information about each member's account that is stored on our secure servers. It can only be accessed by entering the member's user name and password. Setting up a Member Account makes it easy to place orders because it eliminates the need to retype the shipping, payment and account information each time the member places an order. Having a Member Account also enables the member to check the status of any order placed with abcalling.com.

3. How do I update my account information?
Log into your account with your current password and click "Personal Information" on your member home page. Edit your information, press the update button on the bottom of the page and your new information will be saved.
How can I cancel my account and erase all my personal information from the web site?
Please send us an email at service@abcalling.com and we will make sure that all of your personal information is blocked out of our system.

4. How can I get the pin number?
Usually our system will send the pin number to your email account automatically. Also you can go to our website then click my account. You will the pin number there.

5. How can I check my order status?
To protect your privacy, you will need to log into your account to check your order status. Please click the Login button on the homepage and enter in your email and password. Once you have logged into your account simply click "order" status under "My Orders".

6. How can I find my pin number?
Please log into your account on our website with your user name and password. Once you have logged in, you will be taken to your member home page.
Click "order status" on your member home page, you can check the date of every purchase you made, the type of card(s) you purchased and the pin numbers on the cards your purchased.

7. How many minutes will I have on my card?
The number of minutes available is determined based on the rate to the country you are calling. Each time you use your calling card to place a call, the number of minutes available for your call will be announced to you before the call connects.

8. How do I use my phone card?
Please follow these steps:
1) Dial the toll free access number of your phone card.
2) Enter the PIN number.
3) Dial the destination number.
-- For US calls, dial 1 + Area Code + Number.
-- For International calls, dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number.
To place another call, press ###.

9. How can I cancel my account and erase all my personal information from the web site?
Please send us an email at sales@callasia123.com and we will make sure that all of your personal information is blocked out of our system.

10. What does "local access" mean?
Local access means that instead of using a toll free number to dial into our system to place a call, you dial a local number in your area code. Many of our phone cards have local access numbers. If your phone card offers local access please use a local access number to get the most minutes possible out of your card. If a local access number is not available in your city, you can also use our toll free number.

11. Call I use my cell phone to call your local access numbers in other states?
The short answer is, "Yes, you can." But do so wisely. In the United States, cellular phone companies usually provide bulk or unlimited weekends and nights long distance free minutes. If you have such a cellular phone plan, you can take advantage of it to use your mobile phone to call our phone card local access numbers that are not in your local area.

But before you make calls to our local access numbers, make sure that calling these numbers invites no additional fees or charges. Remember that Callasia123.com takes no responsibilities for any toll charges you may incur while using local access numbers.

12. How to determine if an access number is within my local service area??
The determination of which calls are local is based on the standard residential service for your area or your cellular phone plan. You must contact your residential phone company and/or your cellular phone company to confirm that a particular access number is within your local service area. You should also confirm that there will be no charge for calling our local access number. Remember that Callasia123.com is NOT responsible for any toll charges you may incur while using the local access numbers.

13. Do I need a long distance carrier on my phone to use phone cards?
No, you do not need a long distance carrier on your phone to use our calling cards. However, if you are concerned that your access number may incur a long distance charge from your provider, you should contact them to confirm.

14. If I see multiple records on my online credit card report, does this mean you charged me more than once??
You are only charged once for each valid transaction but you may see more than one record from Callasia123. This is because, for every attempted order, there are three possibilities:
1. Your transaction passed through our system and was approved. In this case, and only in this case, were you charged. A record of this charge will likely appear on your online credit card report.
2. Your transaction did not pass through our system at all. In this case, our system and your bank will have no record of the transaction.
3. Your transaction passed through our system but, for some reason, was declined. A record of the attempted transaction may be recorded on your credit card report, but eCallChina made no charge to your account. In such cases, we make sure that all invalid which appear on credit card reports are removed after a few days.

15. What do I do if I think I have been double charged for one transaction?
This is a very rare occurrence, usually attributed to the customer submitting his order more than once. This can happen if, for example, you lost your internet connection after your payment was submitted, then you submit it again believing the payment did not go through.

If you suspect you have been double charged, please call Us or email us with your transaction detail, forward us the purchase email will be very helpful. We will find out what was the problem and fix the problem. Note that you do not have to call your credit card company to solve payment problems. With callasia123.com. We will always work with you to get satisfactory solutions to your payment questions.

16. Where/How do I receive my phone card PIN after my order is processed?
Instant Delivery at the processing webpage: After your order is processed, the PIN# will imediately shows up at the webpage.
Instant Delivery to Your Email: After your order is processed, we instantly send digital PIN# to the email address you provided when you placed the order. You won't receive any regular mail from us.
Instant Delivery to My Account: You can also check your phone card PIN from "My Account" on our website. Once your order has been processed, you should be able to get full information, such as your phone card PIN, access numbers and calling instructions.
Delayed Delivery: Under certain circumstances, a delay in processing your order is possible. If your billing information does not pass our security check system, your order status will be pending. In this case we will call you to verify your order informaion. You may receive a call within ten minutes of placing your order, but occasionally it may take up to four hours or even longer. Please be patient. Please refer other questions on how an order is processed on our website.

17. Ten minutes have passed and I have not received the PIN, calling instructions, etc. What should I do?
If you successfully place an order on our website, 99.5% of the time the PIN should be automatically delivered to your email address. If you did not get the PIN number within 10 minutes, it's usually because of one of the following problems:
1. it is possible that you or your mail server are blocking our messages. You will have difficulties to receive our messages if you or your mail server blocks our messages.
2. your mail server has delayed our message, in which case it will arrive a little later.
3. you made a typo with your email address, so the system treats you as new customer again.
4. in very rare cases, our system may fail to deliver the order. Solutions: You can always check your PIN from My Account. We hope this will help you with the PIN delivery.

18. What is your Return Policy?

Once the PIN number is delivered to the customer via e-mail, The Sale Is Final.

If you have a problem with a card access number, experience quality problems, or unable to use your phone card, call the customer service number of the service provider on the card.

Customer Service should be able to resolve any problems you may have. Be sure to have your PIN number available when calling customer service.

If the service provider or customer service cannot resolve your problem, please contact our Customer Service and we'll make every attempt to ensure your satisfaction.

We make every effort for 100% customer satisfaction!

We strive to maintain up to date information about product and services on our website.
However we must disclaim this information to you for your knowledge.

1. Rates may be higher on calls made to Cellular phones.
2. Rates are subject to change without notice. To be sure the rates are up to date, please call our customer service to confirm the up to the minute rate for the destination you would like to call
3. Calls from pay phone are subject to an additional charge.

Phone Card or PIN(s) are Non Refundable, Non Transferable and Non Exchangeable.

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