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Homeland $2 Two-Way Phone Card

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Special: $2.00(Out of stock)
Face value:  $2.00  

Homeland $2 Two-Way Phone Card

Best Card Call Back from China
Call China 1.7c, Taiwan 2.5c, Hongkong 2.0c, USA/Canada 2.5c
Call From China: USA/Canada 11c
No any additional fees!

Local Access is for the following states only: CA, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, MA, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OH, PA, TX, WA, WI
This card expires in 30 days after the first usage.

800 Access Number:
Local Access Number

Call Back Rate & Access Number Calling From China

Instructions For Cell Phone Users:
In the US, cellular phone companies usually provide weekends and nights long distance free minutes. If you have such a cellular phone plan, you can use your cell phone to call phone card local access numbers that are not in your local area. But before you do so, make sure to check your cell phone plan that calling these numbers has no additional fees or charges. We takes no responsibilities for any toll charges you may incur while using local access numbers.

Instructions For Use:
1. Dial the access number
2. Enter your PIN number
3. For domestic calls within USA or Canada,dial "1" + area code + phone number
4. For international calls, dial "011" + country code + city code + phone number

This card:
No connection fees! No maintenance fee! No Service Fee!
Completely Clean!
Rounding 1 Minute
Website Support Email:

$1.00 may charge when used from a payphone, or calls from hotel, school or dorm. Cellular rates may be higher unless it is indicated.

Country Highlight For: Homeland $2 Two-Way Phone Card
Country Local Rate / Min 800 Rate / Min
 Canada 2.35¢ / 85 5.00¢ / 40
 China 1.67¢ / 120 3.33¢ / 60
 China cellular 1.67¢ / 120 3.33¢ / 60
 Hong Kong 2.00¢ / 100 4.00¢ / 50
 Hong Kong(Mobile) 2.82¢ / 71 6.45¢ / 31
 Taiwan 2.35¢ / 85 4.76¢ / 42
 USA (48 States) 2.50¢ / 80 5.00¢ / 40
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