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Z Miss You (100 min)

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Special: $10
Face value:  $10  

Z Miss You (100 min)

China 1.4c, Canada 2.0c
Great for China and Asia Countries

No any additional Fees!
Completely Clean!
Local Access is for the following states only: CA, IL, MA, NJ, NY

No connection fees!
No maintenance fee!
No Service Fee!
Rounding 1 Minute
This card expires in 180 days after the first usage.

800 Access Number:
Local Access Number

Website Support Telephone:
Customer Service Hotline:

Service Provider:

75 cents may charge when used from a payphone
Instructions For Use:
1. Dial the access number
2. Enter your PIN number
3. For domestic calls within USA or Canada,dial "1" + area code + phone number + #
4. For international calls, dial "011" + country code + city code + phone number + #

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Country Local Rate / Min 800 Rate / Min
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