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Purchase Instruction

Purchase & Reward Instruction  


All of our member's personal information is stored safely behind our firewall. All online transactions are handled with the highest level of security. We incorporate Security Socket Layer (SSL) into our website and employ the latest encryption technology to prevent our members’ information from being intercepted. This security ensures that your credit card information is kept confidential and your transaction details remain secure.

Be sure to click "PAY" button at the right bottom of the last processing page.

Step1: Find the right phone cards you want. Please use our phone card "Rate search" engine to select your calling destination.

After choosing your destination. A comparison table of phone cards will be listed. Click on the card to see the detail information about that card.

Step 2: After you have made your decision, click the BUY link at the left column of the card to add your desired phone card into shopping cart.

You can adjust the quantity of the item or remove an item in the shopping cart. Then choose "buy more " to go back to step 1 to choose another card you would like to purchase. After you have made your selection(s), you will be ready to check out, please click "Checkout " button and you will move on to the next step.

Step 3: After you click "Checkout " button, you will see:

If you are a Returning Customer, type your email address and enter your password. Click "Log in". If you are a New Customer, Click "click here to register ", fill in all required field, and click "Register "

The webpage will return to your shopping cart. You can fill in a discount code if you have one.

Now click Checkout button. Then click "Place Order " button.

Step 4: You can click "Place Order" button to pay directly with a credit card. Fill in your Credit card information and click "PAY ". Be sure to not back or refresh the webpage at this step. After your payment is verified you will get your PIN.

Or if you have a Paypall account you can pay by click “Check out with Paypal” button. You need to login your paypal account at next page. After your payment is verified you will get your PIN.


After you finish all the process, your PIN will show up immediately. At the same time you can check your order status in "My Account" section or in your email.


Welcome to Abcalling.com reward program - ABC Reward!

Thank you for your support. To show our appreciation, Abcalling.com now is launching a unique program called ABC Reward.

From Super Reward, you - Abcalling.com user can accumulate reward points and earn free money by referring our service to your friends.* You can redeem your reward points to pay your calling card in the next purchase**

ONLY current customers are qualified this benefit.

* ABC Reward may be available at any time and be terminated at anytime by Abcalling.com without notice.
** The minimum redeem points is 100 points.

How to accumulate points?

You can accumulate points through referrals by introducing Abcalling.com to your family, friends and co-workers. You will get up to 100 points for each referee who makes purchase at out website. Please note that you will only get 100 points from each referee regardless of how much the referee purchases. One person can only be referred once. If a person is referred by 2 or more customers, the first referor will get the reward points.

Referral Method

Referral is very simple.

  1. Register and purchase any phone card.
  2. Click the “Reward” button at the top of webpage.
  3. Just send referral emails through referral form, simply input the names and email addresses and get reward points after he/she purchase phone card(s).

How to redeem reward points:

You can redeem your reward points as purchase credit at anytime when you buy new phone card(s).

100 points =$1 credit. You can find out your total accumulated points from My Account and Shopping Cart when you process order. You may redeem a maximum of 2,000 pts each time. Please noted: points cannot be used as cash settlement or any refunds. All rights of the interpretation of this program are reserved by Abcalling.com.


1. I have been using Abcalling.com service for a long time and like Forever / New Year Card very much. With referral program, I sent about 40 emails to my friends and got 2600 pts. I really don't know who purchased phone card, but I got points :).

2. I am new to USA and a friend referred Abcalling.com to me. I referred this website to my friends in OH, NY. Some of my them emailed THANKS to me for referrals. We both happy!

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